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Cooling Our Lord’s House

The new HVAC system has been installed and the campaign to fund Cooling Our Lord’s House came to an end in June! Thanks to the generosity of the OLLC congregation more than 75% of the funds needed for the project have been received. The cost for the heating/cooling system for the Fellowship Hall and rear portion of the Worship Center was $33,741; contributions totaled $25,900. Additional contributions toward reducing/eliminating the deficit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to all who contributed toward Cooling Our Lord’s House! With your financial support the rear portion of the Worship Center will stay cool and comfortable during the hottest days of summer and warm and cozy during the cold winter days ahead. Thank you again!

Contributions to Cooling Our Lord’s House can be made by writing a check to Our Lord’s noting “Cooling Our Lord’s House” in the memo line, arranging an ACH withdrawal from your bank account, or making an online contribution here. With your financial support we can achieve the campaign goal.